New Products Coming Out - Waterproof Practical Insulated Cooler Bag

Recently, we have developed a new fashion cooler bag. This new insulated cooler bag is very practical with high quality Bluetooth speaker and solar panel charger. Enjoying listening to music will be an easy job with this cooler bag. Release your burden and load to carry your bluetooth speaker to go outside. Especially great for going for a picnic, hiking, travelling, and food delivery.

The cooler bag has 6.5W high-efficiency solar panel. High-efficiency solar wafers, 22% efficiency scratch-resistant surface, waterproof scrubbing PET material output higher 1Ampere current, only 2-4 hours for your smartphone full of electricity.

Not only that, the new cooler bag have outstanding advantages in capacity, handles, shoulder straps, fasteners, etc. It has an intimate mesh bag on the outside, which increase the available space to help us store mobile phones, keys, paper towels, snacks, etc. It is very convenient to take things in or out.


The insulated cooler bag has outstanding advantages in both quality and brand. It not only has the functions of ordinary cooler bag, but also has more functions. The best insulated cooler bag has become a good partner for our entertainment and leisure in life.

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